On April 18, 2024 the Wiregrass Black Chamber of Commerce & the Alabama State Black Chamber of Commerce held a workshop, Artificial Intelligence, Small Business Digital Literacy Tour, Breaking A.I. & ChatGPT Barriers for Black Brands.  The event was held at the Carver Museum of located at 305 N. Foster St., Dothan, AL 36303.  The presenter was Neena R. Speer, Esq. Attorney & Founder Neena the LAST Brand, LLC.

Mrs. Neena R. Speer touched on using A.I. for your business, the different ways to prompt A.I. to get results, and various programs she recommended using to get the best results from A.I.  Although many of the A.I. programs online or FREE, you can get the best results when you pay for them and work with them to get an understanding of who you are and what you expect from them.  She said it is good to speak to them how you would child and don’t feel bad when you correct it.  Some of the websites she mentioned was ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Canva.  She also mentioned that you can use programs like Zapier to connect them together to create a process or ways for the programs to respond to your clients and potential clients.

Participants were able to ask questions after the presentation and play with some of the A.I. programs on their computers.  She also gave some ways to use A.I. for some of the businesses that attended.  The event was great and filled with information.